Temart FHS 2 – Flexible Hanging System, 1 Set

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Universal hanging system specially designed for efficient hanging and handling of paintings.

  • Dimension base plate: 70 x 25 mm
  • Dimensions eyebolt: 2.2 x 1.5 mm (thread length: 8 mm)
  • Dimensions depot hook: 70 x 3.3 mm (thread length: 7 mm)
  • Height adjustable over 35 mm
  • Material plate: stainless spring steel, matt blasted
  • Material eyebolt: steel, chrome plated
  • Max. load capacity of one hanging system: 25 kg

Package content set:
2 x base plate
2 x eyebolt, firmly welded
2 x depot hooks, unikal formed
10 x screw

Mounted to the back of the decorative frame, Temart FHS replaces the common eye bolts. It is suitable for depots, wall hooks, wire hangers. Height is continuously adjustable, anti-theft device available as an option.

The FHS system consists of a base plate with an adjustable element to which different hangers or other optional parts are attached. The base plate is made of stainless spring steel and has been blasted for a matt finish. The eyebolts are chrome plated steel and welded to the plate.

As a complement to the Basic Package, there is a series of accessories making FHS compatible with all situations and simplifying handling, at the same time enhancing security for hanging and exhibiting.

1) Theft protection (6122060, 6122065)
When FHS Theft Protection is used, the painting is hanging on wood screws fixed in the wall.
Replace screw loop with a theft protection screw. Push down FHS runner to lowest position. Use Bottom Plate's ""Keyhole Profile"" to hang painting on screw head. Push up runner. Tighten screw with theft protection tool.

2) Packing bracket (6122070)
The screw loop is made especially for the FHS system, and it is therefore important always to include the screw loop when, for example, loaning to other museums. The packaging bracket consists of two components in sprung steel which are mounted without extra screws in the FHS bottom plate. The powerful sprung steel and a centred plastic jacket ensure that the screw loop is transported securely without loosening or rattling.

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