Temart Frameplate M4 Thread, chromated, brass colour, 1 Set

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The Frameplate is a frame mounted hanging system compatible with various hanging situations in an exhibition or gallery. The system is a reduction of the popular Temart FHS system and offers the same high quality materials and production. Many of the accessories for FHS can also be used for Frameplate.

  • Dimensions base plate: 30 x 11 x 3 mm
  • Dimensions eyebolt: 2.2 x 1.5 mm (thread length: 8 mm)
  • Material plate: chromated, brass colour
  • Material eyebolt: chromated, brass colour
  • Colour: brass coloured
  • Max. load capacity of one frame plate: 10 kg

Package content set:
2 x base plate
2 x eyebolt, firmly welded
2 x depot hook, unikal formed
4 x screw

The frame plate consists of a base plate with metric thread and is screwed onto the frame of the artwork. Eyebolts or depot hooks can be mounted in the baseplate (suitable for wall hooks, wire ropes, FHS depothooks, etc.). The standard thread allows the user also to mount other solutions. The hole pattern of the base plate enables flexible placing of the screws.

The use of this hanging system offers the following possibilities:

  • Suspension from wall hooks and wire systems
  • Use of FHS depot hooks
  • Hanging on grids in art depots
  • No unnecessary screw holes in the decorative frame
  • Adaptability to individual needs

Frameplate aims at collections aware of also protecting the frame of the art piece, and reducing the number of different frame-mounted hanging systems used in the collection. In collections where artworks alternately hang in the exhibition, art depository or out on loan is the frame always at risk. The Frameplates also ensures easy installing and handling in storage.

The Frameplate system makes handling more efficient and secures the object through a mechanical system. Reusability, as well as quick and secure mounting, makes the Frameplate a good investment.

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