Temart Special Anti-Theft Tool

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Special anti-theft tool for the matching security screws to the FHS 2 flexible hanging system.

With the Temart anti-theft security screw, the Temart standard version can be expanded into a flexible system (FHS 2) that facilitates the hanging of artworks while increasing security.

To use the anti-theft system, the eyebolt is replaced with a security screw that can be fastened or loosened only with a special tool. The frame hangs on wall screws whose heads fit into the openings of the two base plates.

The FHS anti-theft device includes the following parts: safety screws and special tool for the safety screws.


  • Replace screw loop with a theft protection screw
  • Push down FHS runner to lowest position
  • Use Bottom Plate's ""Keyhole Profile"" to hang painting on screw head
  • Push up runner
  • Tighten screw with theft protection tool

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