2022 | 2023 - Looking Back and Looking Forward

2022 | 2023 - Looking Back and Looking Forward

What was in 2022 – what will be in 2023?

In 2022, as in 2021, many things went differently than we thought or had planned. In business terms, Corona and all its ramifications still had us in its grip at the beginning of the year.

Since February 2022, Russia's war against Ukraine has marked a turning point – politically and economically. Many German companies, including Deffner & Johann, had to decide quickly how to react to the new situation. It was basically a question of whether one can still do business with Russia - and wants to. As a result of the war, Deffner und Johann is also confronted with disrupted supply chains, higher energy costs and counter-sanctions from the Russian side.

Deffner & Johann has to face the new complexities and change in many places. However – this does not have to be fundamentally bad. It also opens up many new possibilities. Ideas can be tested for their real implementation. A company that is over 140 years old has to change continuously.
Deffner & Johann has always faced challenges and developed new, sustainable ideas, future-oriented approaches and strategies from them. This requires courage. At first glance, it always seems easier to leave everything as it is. But that is not the case. Societies change. Expectations vary. This applies to our customers, manufacturers as well as our employees. Finding the right balance is the key to success.
That is what drives Deffner & Johann. Not sticking stubbornly to old habits, but also not questioning everything. Knowing what has made you strong and continuing on this path with conviction - but also accepting new influences and incorporating them into everyday business. Only a company that changes also becomes over 140 years old.

Looking back into the year 2022

With the IADA Online Symposium "SHOW IT AND SAVE IT - Exploring the compromises between exhibition and preservation" in February, Deffner & Johann started the 2022 event season still in a virtual setting.

In March, we received a request from Prof. Dr. Alexandra Jeberien, HTW Berlin, asking for urgently needed equipment and materials for the safe packaging of cultural objects in Ukraine. Deffner und Johann supported this initiative of the German Historical Museum and HTW Berlin, provided a wide variety of packaging materials for museums in Lviv, Ukraine. A video with additional information on the traditional, three-layer packaging method, produced by the Lillehammer Museum and its painting conservator and collection manager Dipl. Rest. Univ. Yngve Magnusson, provided supplementary practical advice on the improvised protection of art objects when both time and resources are scarce. We have supported this and various other initiatives with donations and supplies during 2022. We sincerely hope that the provision of numerous materials and tools has been beneficial - at least a small contribution to save cultural heritage.



In April, the "Cultura Suisse" in Bern could be hosted on site again. After the long period in which a face-to-face exchange was missing due to the Covid pandemic, a welcome occasion to finally get back into personal conversation with customers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Workshop Weichpartikelstrahlen 2022A workshop on soft particle blasting at the HfBK Dresden, led by Maren Dümmler M.A., paper conservator, as well as various specialist conferences provided a variety of activities during summer and fall.

First of all, we supported the conference of the specialist group Preventive Conservation at the FH Potsdam "Sauber und luftig!? Aspekte der Sammlungspflege I" at the beginning of July, which dealt with the main topics of cleaning/maintenance care and ventilation/climate and their professional overlaps. Unfortunately, Corona hindered us to be there in person.

At the conference "Tragfähig?! Konservierung und Technologien textiler Bildträger" of the Paintings Section in Dresden focused on and discussed current conservation approaches and new art technological findings. Deffner & Johann is proud to have supported this event, which has attracted attention far beyond the German-speaking world.

At the end of September, Deffner & Johann participated in the symposium "Narratives. Contributions to the History of Conservation" at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The symposium marked the conclusion of a four-year research project with contributions to the history of conservation and restoration in Austria in the second half of the 20th century. During the event, Deffner & Johann not only had the opportunity to present product innovations from the D&J range, but also to have them discussed directly by scientists and users. During the symposium, Wolfgang Baatz, former professor for conservation and restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from 1994 to 2022, was bade farewell. Deffner & Johann has always greatly appreciated the continuous exchange with him over the years, as well as the cooperation at various points. He was honoured with the volume „Erzählungen. Beiträge zur Geschichte der Konservierung-Restaurierung“, dedicated to him - you can obtain this conference volume here in our online shop.

Also at the end of September and back in Germany, Deffner & Johann organised a workshop on the application of linseed oil paints at the RBZ in Kiel together with Gunnar Ottosson, founder of Ottosson Färgmakeri - the production and processing of linseed oil paints was explained, application examples described and challenges in application from over 30 years of experience discussed. In the practical part of the workshop, the participants tested how to apply layers of paint on different surfaces indoors and outdoors, and how to use glaze oil and linseed oil paints.

denkmal Leipzig 2022_deffner und johannIn addition to the daily business, we also worked intensively on the printing of the new D&J general catalogue 2023. At the end of October, we were able to hold the 270-page compendium in our hands, which will be sent to over 50 countries.
At the "denkmal" trade fair in Leipzig, we presented our catalogue, hot off the press, to the interested trade public. The "denkmal" was a wonderful opportunity to talk personally with numerous customers, interested parties and manufacturers, to present and discuss product innovations and proven products. At our Experts to Experts special area, a wide variety of applications from different specialist areas were explained by our partners, solutions from our product range were presented and feedback was exchanged.

With the Nanorestore®-Workshop in Tallinn, Estland, we ended our eventful year 2022.

Beyond purely business matters, Deffner & Johann is committed to always making a valuable amount in the field of heritage conservation and restoration. We are happy to fulfil this part of our business philosophy, among other things, by Deffner & Johann repeatedly sponsoring important events relating to monument conservation, be they specialist conferences, seminars or workshops at home or abroad, or offering workshops ourselves in cooperation with our partners. The aim is to give people from different disciplines the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, to exchange experiences, to network and to discuss topics on a national and international level and ideally to find solutions to concrete problems. We are happy to receive impulses, suggestions and feedback on products from the field.
Deffner & Johann has also financed a German scholarship for young talents in restoration sciences for more than ten years and hopes that this will enable them to study in a well-founded manner. An investment in the future that pays off for everyone. In addition to financial support, we encourage and support our scholarship holders to benefit from our knowledge of the industry, to expand their networks, to work in an interdisciplinary manner and to make valuable contacts. For us, this is an expression of gratitude for our long company history as well as a piece of responsibility towards our society.

What to expect in 2023

Deffner & Johann has a lot planned for this year as well, some events are in the planning stage, two dates are already fixed - the 20th ICOM-CC Triennial, which will take place from 18 to 22 September 2023 in Valencia, Spain, and the XV IADA Congress 2023 in Halle/Leipzig from 16 to 20 October 2023.

Due to the positive feedback on the format of our successful series of seminars with numerous participants last year, we would also like to continue to arrange a number of workshops on the topics of soft particle cleaning and Nanorestore® products in 2023, both in Germany and abroad. Further topics are in the pipeline.

Knowledge transfer, but also experience in the practical application of products, is a matter of concern to us, against the background of which we have decided on this very practice-oriented format with one part theory and one part practice. Participants can gain all-round experience, and acquire and discuss new methods with direct reference to everyday practice.

Please contact us by phone or email if you are interested in a workshop:
Phone: +49 (0) 9723 9350-0
E-Mail: info@deffner-johann.de


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